Animal Farm

Animal Farm, a satirical novel written, in its most crisp form to comment on the corrupting influence of power, by George Orwell is the one I would like to talk about today because it is one of those subjects, we should go back to from time to time just to ensure no Chinese whispers disintegrate this lesson for us.

A friend of a friend gifted it to me, saying books are meant to pass on and I am glad I was on the receiving end for this book. I plan on reading more of him as I gather time, especially Nineteen eighty-four.

Without further ado, the narrative begins when a farm owner is seen indolent and inebriated that he forgets to feed his livestock one day. The animals on the farmland decide to finally rebel and act on a well-thought plan to chase the farmer out of the farm because, for them, man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does nothing yet he is lord of all the animals. Man serves the interests of no creature except himself, if there was no man there will no labor and every creature will live, eat, and peacefully co-exist with nature. They decided to boycott man and any man-made equity, even highlighted them as commandments. The whole farm rejoiced in triumph and enjoyed their days with ease never felt before. As time went by, some animals started missing little comforts they found in man-made objects, and the game began when the intelligent animals who could read and write started secretly making changes to the amendments to suit their demands because not everyone could read and write, they just had trust in the cause for which they fought in the beginning.

Soon the Seven Commandments are abridged to just one phrase, all animals were equal but some animals were more equal than others. The intelligent ones automatically considered they were in charge, had powers, and started creating by-laws so they enjoy the privileges of a boss and made others work to fulfill their purposes like gathering food and milk for dark seasons. As time passes, the ideals of the rebellion are corrupted, then forgotten. Soon there was no difference from the time they began their rebellion. To escape enslaving humans they came up with a scheme and then ended enslaving each other because power is too big of a gust that it is bound to get to you.

Animal farm is talking about nobody if we can not acknowledge we are those animals. Nobody wants to be a victim of an unfair world but when given a chance it gets to the best of us. We continue to believe and fall prey to a system that has stopped benefitting us and it is nothing but an utter betrayal of the only words it once rightly stood for. Written in simple words it is indeed a great socio-political novel of its time. Not to my surprise, the book is still banned in a lot of countries because that is how scary an idea of reflection can be for some of us. An idea of retrospect, that can arise questions, that is how scary it is. This goes a lot deeper than this article can ever cover so I will leave you all to your thoughts on this one because to talk more about it is ruining the beauty of this beautifully written novel.

By shaksation

I am seated in a corporate office, hoping to log out soon today and wondering if I should go out this weekend!


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