A thing admirable and atrocious in me and you

We never let go, especially of the days we blew

Called you today, after a long time seems to me

We hung up not wrangling, that was good to see

I know we both deflected from the sensitive talk

And we needed that moment for a polite o’clock 

You were tranquil as a breeze like you always are

I was trembling like a leaf timidly drifting very far

Not flabbergasted we talked like nothing changed

Astonished if that makes us special or estranged

Smattering chit chats about weather and work

Those comfortably familiar giggles and a smirk

You always circumvented the heavy talks so be it

We didn’t bother enough to finally call this a quit

I was glad to hear a voice that once used to hurt

Doesn’t, as all my grudges are now under the dirt

By shaksation

I am seated in a corporate office, hoping to log out soon today and wondering if I should go out this weekend!


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