Dear Client

Dear Client

In case you never noticed I am a human too. I understand that you need the resolution to your issue as soon as it occurs but trust me when I say it, you don’t want it to get resolved as desperately as your customer support representative wants it to. Somedays you tell me that you have been having a bad day or how bad the storm in your area was, how Covid-19 is affecting you, or someone you know adversely, or simply how you dragged yourself to work today. Might sound strange but I share the same world with you.

You are doing your job and following the process of calling in a case when things don’t work well for you and I do the same when things don’t work for me. You work for someone, I work for you. There is absolutely no need to yell or sigh on the calls because we all know that sometimes you can be wrong too and we can all use some compassion so we don’t ruin anybody’s day at work. I acknowledge that it might get frustrating at times, but it might get frustrating at times for me too. Since we are both humans trying to get through our days with a lot of work done and having enough good reasons to chill in the weekend I do not think we are very different.

Some days of your life you were also a new employee to some company and your first client interaction would have made you nervous as well, so it is fair to imagine that the person on the other side of the phone can be a new hire too. I would not say that it will be one of your best days to work with someone who has a lesser understanding of the issue than you but still yelling or behaving rudely is not justified. My colleagues have come in pissed because sometimes you were a new hire and did not know that the things being demanded on your end was not even addressed to the right person and you were adamant about getting your way, sometimes you were so old to the technology that one time I actually had to spend an hour making you understand what a Bluetooth is and how to connect it and I failed miserably at it but then also, that’s not a reason to yell at you or ruin your day.

There are a lot of examples like this, my point is, with a little compassion we both can actually resolve things a lot faster and not make each other regret for answering the inbound/ outbound call whatever it is. We are all doing our jobs and earning to support ourselves and our families, let’s cooperate and log out happily.

Yours Sincerely

Every employee in the world!

By shaksation

I am seated in a corporate office, hoping to log out soon today and wondering if I should go out this weekend!

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